A Dedication

to Service

John Godwin has dedicated himself to service.

He serves the men and women in our military at MacDill Air Force base, managing an Intel program.

He serves our region's most abused and neglected youth as a foster parent. He and his wife have provided a safe and loving home to 12 foster children from across our city.

He has served our entire city by bringing forward and championing Tampa City Charter Amendment 16 on the March 2019 ballot, which protected individuals from discrimination, regardless of sexual orientation, color, pregnancy, age, marital status, familial status, disability, gender identification, genetic information, or ethnicity.

Family B&W.png

Family & Early Career

John has been married to his wife, Catherine, for 7 years and they have a 2.5-year-old son.

John earned his Bachelor’s from Auburn University’s Honors College and his Master’s from FSU, graduating with distinction and paying his and Catherine's way through own way through school.

One of the multiple jobs had during that time to pay was with the Florida Department of Highway Safety, working to keep our roadways safe from drunk drivers. While there, he was awarded the Prudential Davis Productivity Award for major innovations he delivered.

Upon graduating, John and Catherine moved to DC at the peak of the great recession—living on his cousin’s couch and maintaining 100-hour workweeks.


Career of Service

John interned for Senator Bill Nelson and worked for Madeleine Albright’s National Democratic Institute.

John supported programs that helped empower and enfranchise marginalized and vulnerable populations in some of the most oppressive countries in the world; working with women, ethnic and religious minorities, LGBT populations, and persons with disabilities.

His work with marginalized populations put him on the radar of a US intelligence program, which recruited him to continue his efforts to empower and serve people, this time working on Syria.

His role in intelligence has evolved with global events, now working across programs focused on the most tumultuous conflict areas around the world to support members across our government and military.


Vision for Tampa

John is dedicated to serving Tampa, to helping our city navigate its way through the crossroads we currently find ourselves—benefiting from exceptional growth but facing the challenges that such growth inevitably brings. He works to bring innovative new ideas on land use, accessibility, affordability, and transportation to our elected representatives to help our amazing city continue to advance.