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City Council Candidate John Godwin Releases Affordable Tramps Plan

Florida Politics, February 23, 2019

City Council candidate John Godwin has a plan to make Tampa more affordable.
Tampa’s average cost of living is above the national average. Godwin’s plan estimates that four of five Tampa families will experience struggles with affordability at some point in their life.
Godwin created the plan because he believes affordability creates resilient and sustainable economies less susceptible to economic downturns.

The Future of Mass Transit for Those with Disabilities

, February 13, 2019

Other cities have also begun efforts to make their mass transit more accessible. In Tampa, City Council candidate John Godwin has offered a comprehensive plan to make the city’s public transportation more accessible. Some features of the plan include modernized street cars in an expanded fleet.

Godwin is the First Candidate in Tampa to Develop a Plan to Make the City More Accessible

Florida Politics, January 31, 2019

John Godwin became the first and only candidate in Tampa to develop and release a plan to make Tampa a more accessible city for persons with disabilities.

“The average person will outlive their ability to drive by 10 years,” Godwin said. “And we are one of the leading destinations for veterans, many of whom have service-related disabilities—it is our responsibility to ourselves, our neighbors, and those who served our country to make this city accessible to everyone.”

District 2 Race Takes Shape

Florida Politics, January 4, 2019

U.S. intelligence professional, John Godwin, plans to stay in the race.

“I knew when I entered that others would also enter the race,” Godwin said in an emailed statement. “This doesn’t change that Tampa deserves the best.

“We deserve a better transportation system, a celebration of inclusivity, and a focus on our neighborhoods — I will bring the new and innovative leadership we need to drive these priorities forward and help prepare Tampa to be a 21st-century city while protecting our history and character.”

Godwin to Run for Tampa City Council

Tampa Bay Reporter, May 8, 2018

John Godwin, a national security and technical innovation consultant who works with the U.S. defense, diplomatic, and intelligence communities, announced he is running for Tampa City Council District 2, a citywide seat.

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